Rachel Mansfield-Howlett, alumna

Longtime friend and colleague Rachel Mansfield-Howlett worked for many years in the environmental horticulture field before becoming an attorney. Transitioning into legal advocacy during eight years with the Brandt-Hawley Law Group, her rich experience in biology and botany greatly assisted our natural resource litigation and development of land use strategies.

Mansfield-Howlett became of counsel to Provencher & Flatt, a Santa Rosa law firm, in 2007, and continues to represent environmental and citizen groups in public interest cases involving the California Environmental Quality Act and other land use laws.

Mansfield-Howlett, Roshi, was authorized to teach Zen in 2003 and received transmission in 2009 in the Pacific Zen School lineage. Complimentary to her law practice, she teaches a western style of Zen that emphasizes environmental and community values.

Contact Mansfield-Howlett at rhowlettlaw@gmail.com 

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